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Camp Bursztynowy Las

In order to provide our guests staying at the Bursztynowy Las campsite with a safe stay in our facility, we have developed the following regulations. The customer making the reservation, at the same time accepts these regulations, which are an integral part of the rental contract.



1. Entering the premises of the Center is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations and at the same time consents to the publication of photos, videos with the image of people staying in the Center.

2. These rules define the rights and obligations of Guests regarding their behavior during their stay at the campsite and the manner of using the technical facilities and equipment provided. 


1. The day at the campsite starts at 16 and lasts until 11 the next day.

2. Those arriving at the campsite are required to complete the registration formalities at the reception desk and pay the amount due for the declared duration of stay along with the tourist tax on the day of arrival. The proof of payment must be kept until departure.

3. Extending the stay on the plot is possible only after prior arrangement at the reception of the availability of the place on the following days.

4. The departing guest is obliged to:

• check out of the cottage, campsite until the specified time of stay and during the working hours of the reception desk,

• return the key to the house,

• leave the cabin and its surroundings or the camping area clean.

5. If the Guest does not appear at the reserved place during the first day, the reservation is cancelled.

6. Only people who have paid for their stay may stay in the campsite 24 hours a day. Unregistered persons may stay at the campsite until 22:00, after prior notification of their stay at the reception desk of the Centre.

7. The number of people staying in the houses is limited to the number reported in the booking process. Any additional people must be reported at the reception.



1. The location of the caravan, tent or vehicle, as well as the electricity connection, is determined by a designated employee of the Centre.

2. Before leaving the campsite, the Guest is obliged to clean up and leave the place where he/she stayed intact.

3. Residents of summer houses can park their cars in the parking lot located in front of the Center.

4. The management of the Center reserves the right to demand that persons who grossly disturb the rest of other guests of the Center and do not comply with the Regulations leave the campsite area.



1. The camping guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the camping caused by his fault and the fault of people visiting him.

2. The camping guarantees tourists the use of equipment of a standard consistent with the requirements of the facility category. Please report any faults and reservations arising during the use of the camping property to the reception desk of the Center on an ongoing basis.



1. The resort is not responsible for cars, valuables and personal belongings stored on the campsite by users and guests, and is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by guests. Please exercise due diligence when closing the trailer or tent and properly secure valuables.



1. Rubbish should only be disposed of in the designated bins.

2. Garbage segregation is obligatory in the campsite.



1. Quiet hours are valid from 22:00 to 10:00 6:00 the next day.

2. Dog owners are required to clean up after their pets.

3. For the safety of guests, the entrance gate is closed 24 hours a day and opened only for the purpose of entering (leaving) the area of the campervans and caravans. Cars must be parked in the car park immediately after setting up the trailer.

4. It is completely forbidden to use motor vehicles on the premises of the resort. This paragraph does not apply to cars used for the economic activity of the resort.

5. It is forbidden to:

● washing dishes and emptying camping toilets in places not designated for this purpose,

● bathing animals in sanitary facilities,

● washing vehicles and caravans at the campsite.



1. In the case of comments and reservations regarding the level of services, functioning of the facilities and equipment of the Centre, cleanliness and order, please  contact the reception of the Centre.

2. Persons using grilli  bear full responsibility for possible fire and all resulting costs and losses.

3. There is a total ban on smoking in rented houses.

4. It is strictly forbidden to light a bonfire without the knowledge of the reception staff.



Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you a pleasant holiday.

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